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Eppendorf 5415 Centrifuge

Eppendorf 5415 Centrifuge

The Centrifuge 5415 D is a non-refrigerated bench-top centrifuge and the Centrifuge 5415 R is a refrigerated bench-top centrifuge. Both are used in research and routine laboratories in the biosciences, industry, clinics and chemistry.

With their space-saving design and user-friendly operating concept, these centrifuges are ideal for everyday routine tasks.

In both devices 24 or 36 Eppendorf micro test tubes can be centrifuged simultaneously in a 45° fixed-angle rotor at 16,100 rcf (13,200 rpm).

The Eppendorf 5415 series centrifuges have been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the 5424 and 5424 R models. However, a number of units are always available for sale on LabX. Rotors and accessories for the 5415 D/R are still available for sale from Eppendorf, or there is a wide selection of rotors and parts available on LabX as well.

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The Eppendorf 5415C is a compact Centrifuge that can reach its maximum speed in only 10 seconds. It is microprocessor controlled and has safety switch and safety lock to keep you protected while operating this model. The 18 place 45 degree fixed angle rotor F-45-18-11 is included.