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EPPENDORF Vacufuge plus Vacuum Concentrator

EPPENDORF Vacufuge plus Vacuum Concentrator

New and used EPPENDORF Vacufuge plus Vacuum Concentrator's for sale on LabX below. Find the ad listing you need and get price quotes from a variety of vendors.

Vacufuge plus quickly and efficiently concentrates DNA/RNA, nucleotides, proteins and other samples. 

Available in two configurations: 

  • As a complete system with an integrated solvent-resistant PTFE vacuum pump            
  • As an upgradeable basic concentrator for connecting to an existing vacuum; power to external vacuum pumps can be automatically controlled using the AC receptacle in the rear of the concentrator           

Vacufuge plus junction system The new, complete “junction” system adds extra capability/flexibility: it allows you to use the integrated vacuum pump separately—without having to disconnect it from the system; simply connect the port to any external instrument that requires vacuum (e.g., a gel dryer).

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