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FEI Company Inspect

FEI Company Inspect

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The Inspect S50   
is the industry's leading low-vacuum scanning electron microscope (SEM) platform with high-resolution capabilities using thermal emission electron optics. While the low-vacuum settings are particularly useful for inspection and characterization of non-conductive and heavily contaminated materials, the system also minimizes sample preparation complexity for charge-free imaging and analysis. The Inspect S also has significant high-vacuum resolution that enhances its flexibility and ability to work with diverse sample types and a wide range of throughput.  
Inspect F50  
For high-brightness, high-current, high-resolution imaging, the Inspect F50 , a SEM equipped with a Schottky Field Emission source, provides clear, sharp and noise-free imaging. In combination with the optimized analytical chamber geometry and its four-axis, motorized tilt, eucentric specimen stage, the high- and stable beam current makes this tool well suited for (automated) short- and long-time EDS, WDS and EBSD analysis and mapping. The system's excellent lateral resolution enables easy detection of low-Z elements at low beam energies, adding value and flexibility to the Inspect F50.