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Film Coating System

Manesty are true innovators in the development of side vented pan coating technology. The Premier 500 coating system is for large sized batches up to 600 litres. Capable of working with aqueous and organic film and sugar solutions, it is ideally suited for all tablet coating requirements. With segmented drum technology the efficient coating of pellets and seed API’s is also proven.       

With a fully perforated drum, patented spray gun and mixing baffle technologies, fast and efficient coating of products is achieved. Fully reproducible using the fully automatic, integrated m-tec control system, our customers are assured of a consistent high quality product batch after batch.       

Their extensive knowledge of coating formulations means they have also optimised the cabinet design for cleaning the Premier 500. Following automatic tablet unloading, strategically placed nozzles permit recipe driven routines to effectively clean all required areas without intervention.       

The Premier 500 is perfectly suitable to coat drug molecules which have a high degree of potency. Full containment capability is achieved through a combination of design and the use of industry standard devices.

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