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Fisher Pipette Tips

Fisher Pipette Tips

BRAND pipette tips are designed for use in a wide range of pipetting applications including the most sensitive assays. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for delivering volumes from 0.1µL to 10mL. BRAND tips are precision-molded from high purity, DiHEMDA- and oleamide-free, virgin polypropylene. Clean, hydrophobic surfaces reduce sample retention, and increase accuracy and reproducibility. Tip orifice is precisely centered for directional accuracy. 200µL and 1000µL bulk tips use cadmium-free pigments, all other tips are pigment-free.   
NEW! Redesigned 200µL and 1000µL tips feature 25% less plastic for reduced waste, higher translucency, better fit, and reduced mounting and ejection forces.    
BRAND tips are tested for compatibility with Gilson®, Thermo Fisher Scientific Finnpipette®, Eppendorf® and Biohit (5mL with BRAND and Thermo Fisher Scientific Finnpipette®; 10mL suitable for BRAND, Eppendorf® and Gilson®). BRAND pipette tips are suitable for use with instruments from many other manufacturers.

Fisherbrand Pipette Tips offer a full line of disposable tips for laboratory pipetters. Find pipette tips and other Fisher products for sale through classified ads and auction at LabX.