Fisher Scientific Marathon 3000R The Fisher Scientific Marathon 3000 Series Centrifuges are low-speed, general purpose centrifuges, used in medical, industrial, and scientific applications. All models accommodate swinging bucket style rotors of either 4 x 750 mL or 6 x 250 mL. They can process a variety of tubes, bottles, and microsample tubes.The Marathon Series features a maintenance-free, brushless motor and offers an easy to use front panel for changing modes and speeds. Models: 3000R, 3000-R, 3000 R

Fisher Scientific Marathon 3000

These large-capacity benchtop centrifuges are the ideal choice for laboratories that need to centrifuge high-volume vessels or a large number of small tubes. Using the accessory four-place swinging bucket rotor (see 04-976-008) Marathon 3000 Series centrifuges can handle several sizes of tubes and bottles up to 750mL with aerosol containment. Additional rotors and accessories are available to accept tubes as small as 1.5mL microplates or even specialized oil tubes. Plus you can choose from two models: the ventilated Model 3000 or the refrigerated Model 3000R. This flexibility makes the Marathon 3000 Series the all-in-one solution to your centrifuge needs.
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