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FlowStar LB 513

FlowStar LB 513

Flow-through monitoring of radiolabelled compounds separated by chromatographic techniques has been established as one of the most powerful tools in many biochemistry related research areas. Radiolabelled compounds for drug, pesticide, metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies provide very high sensitivity and specificity which is not available with mass detection, UV, fluorescence or conductivity measurements. The FlowStar represents the latest enhancements in flow-through detectors for Radio HPLC. It combines the latest technology such as touch screen for easy operation and the highest sensitivity. FlowStar can be controlled by the RadioStar software. A control library to implement FlowStar into other software packages is available on request. The instrument can be operated in stand-alone mode and can be interfaced with all HPLC systems currently on the market.

The FlowStar represents the latest improvements in an almost 50 years history of radio flow monitors used in liquid chromatography.

An optimized detector and electronics design for ultimate sensitivity have been combined with touch-screen technology for quick and easy operation.