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FTS Systems Multi Cool

FTS Systems Multi Cool

New and used FTS Systems Multi Cool's for sale on LabX below. Find the ad listing you need and get price quotes from a variety of vendors.

The Multi Cool low temperature bath is mechanically refrigerated with a low end temperature of -80C. The magnetic stirrer and vortex breaker design help ensure isothermal conditions in this bath throughout its temperature range. Utilizing a liquid medium, the Multi Cool handles heat loads substantially larger than its liquid nitrogen counterparts and does not utilize expendable refrigerant. The Multi Cool is available with an on/off switch or an optional digital controller providing +/- 0.1C stability. Digital controller offers a temperature range of -80C to +100C and comes complete with RS-232 interface.

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Thermo Scientific TSX Series 28.8 cu ft Ultra-Low
Price: $7,500.00

Condition: Not Specified