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GE Healthcare NanoVue Plus

NanoVue spectrophotometer is an easy-to-use and reliable instrument for the measurement of nucleic acid and protein samples. Samples of 0.5 µl to 2 µl can be pipetted directly onto the gold-colored sample plate for measurement, and then simply recovered using a pipette. If sample recovery is not required, the sample plate can be quickly and easily wiped clean. NanoVue Plus requires no PC to operate and no time-consuming third-party recalibration. The spectrophotometer comes complete with advanced software for CyDye™ incorporating intuitive dropdown lists for common fluors and the full CyDye range for easy protocol selection. NanoVue Plus also includes software for Print via Computer (PVC) and even allows you the choice of using USB cable, Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity, integrated printer option, or SD card.
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