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GE Healthcare ReadyToProcess WAVE 25

GE Healthcare ReadyToProcess WAVE 25

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The single-use ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor system is a reliable and intuitive cell culture device for working volumes in the 0.3 to 25 L range. Designed to meet the demands of a regulated environment, the system offers reliable performance, accurate process control, and ease-of-use.   
The ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 system consists of a rocker (ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 Rocker), control units (ReadyToProcess CBCU), and pumps (ReadyToProcess Pump 25), all operated by UNICORN software installed on a client computer.   
ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 provides the possibility of single or dual cultures. When dual mode is used, two cultivations can be run using different bag sizes and/or working volumes. Parameters such as temperature, pH, DO, and pump speed can be controlled independently in the two separate Cellbag bioreactors.