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Guava Technologies Guava PCA

Guava Technologies Guava PCA

The Guava Personal Cell Analysis (PCA) System is one of the most compact cytometers on the market, with a footprint slightly greater than 1 square foot (31 cm2), allowing it to fit into almost any lab space. Despite its small size, the PCA System is a lab workhorse that displays great robustness and provides precise, reproducible single cell cytometry data day in and day out. The PCA System features a green laser and the patented Guava Flow Cell to analyze cells without the troublesome use of sheath fluid. This combination provides easy two-color detection (1 scatter) for the most typical cytometry needs.

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In 2009, Millipore acquired Guava Technologies, a provider of benchtop cell-analysis systems to become part of Millipore’s bioprocess division.