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Hach Company DR 2010

The Hach Company DR/2010 is a microprocessor-controlled, single-beam spectrophotometer designed for colorimetric testing in both laboratory and field settings. This instrument is precalibrated for over 120 different colorimetric measurements, and it allows easy calibrations for future Hach methods as well as user-entered methods. Standout features include onboard data storage and recall, error messages for troubleshooting, a built-in timer, an RS-232 interface for connecting to a printer or computer, and test results showed in percent transmittance, absorbance, or concentration.

The DR/2010 operates within a wavelength range of 400-900 nm. It has a spectral bandwidth of 7 nm nominal at 600 nm. The wavelength accuracy is ±2 nm from 400-700 nm and ±3 nm from 700-900 nm. The wavelength resolution is 1 nm. The monochromator design is based on a Littrow Prism with Aspheric Optics. Wavelength selection is manual, and the wavelength readout is displayed on a 3-digit LCD. The photometric linearity is ±0.002 A (0-1 A 546 nm - constant on mode), and its reproducibility is ±0.005 A (0-1 A - constant on mode).

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