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HANNA instruments HI 901/902

HI 901/902 is an automatic titrator from HANNA® that complements our wide range of products dedicated to quick and accurate laboratory analysis. Each unit is provided with numerous features amenable to routine samples analysis. HI 901/902 performs acid/base, potentiometric titrations. This versatile titrator offers a total of 100 methods: 89 of which can be customized.

When powered on, the instrument initiates an internal diagnostics check and then readies itself for the first titration of the day. A large LCD screen clearly shows the chosen method, correlated information and also indicates which parameters may be adjusted. A real-time titration curve is shown on the display; this feature is useful when new methods are tested or when a procedure needs to be optimized. At the end of the titration, all data, including the graph, are automatically stored in memory and can be copied to disk via the built-in floppy drive or through direct connection with the serial cable supplied with the titrator. The device is equipped with an RS485 serial port. HI 902 -Complete Analytical Titration System w/ 2 Burettes

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