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Hanson SR8

Hanson SR8

The Hanson SR8-Plus™ Dissolution Test Station provides an entirely new approach to dissolution testing by incorporating a user interface with built-in virtual instrument technologies. These technologies provide a "smart" system that anticipates and reacts to the needs of dissolution testing. The SR8-Plus incorporates the Hanson SR "Sustained Release" precision drive system and a high-performance maintenance free SR motor.

The system can be configured with 6 or 8 vessels and can use both paddles and baskets. Many accessories are available for special sampling conditions, including small volume testing with 150mL vessels, Transdermal Sandwich™ testing and ointment cells. Electronic sample probes (E-Probes™) may be added to automate sample probe movement, and EProbes may be connected to many types of autosamplers.

The Hanson SR8 is a proven industry workhorse in the dissolution lab. Find your Hanson SR8 dissolution apparatus online at LabX. 

The Vision G2 Elite 8 is a modern successor to the popular Hanson SR8-Plus. The G2 Elite 8 is a versatile performance machine, built for automation and extended applications. Features include a Vision heater system, molded waterbath, 8-position Easi-Lock vessel plate, Easi-Lift head with 8 precision drive spindles, and colour touchscreen programming with up to 100 protocols. Options include the AutoMag with sampling probes and digital temperature probes (DTPs).

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