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Hoefer Gel Stainer Processor

Hoefer Gel Stainer Processor

Hoefer Processor Plus Automated Gel Stainer Ready [ID#2830]       Hoefer Automated Gel Stainer Processor Plus ™ is a novel fluid delivery system that automates acrylamide gel staining and Western blot processing. The automated gel staining capabilities of Gel Stainer Processor Plus™ include nine preprogrammed and four user-defined protocols for proteins and nucleic acids. A choice of small- and large-format tray sizes accommodates 1-6 mini-gels or 1-2 standard size gels for Silver or Coomassie™ Blue-staining. Protocol entry and editing is simple with up to 30 steps allowed per protocol. A removable protocol key, which stores one protocol, protects critical protocols from accidental alteration.              Now sold under GE Healthcare: [url=]Processor Plus™[/url]

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