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HP Codemaster

HP Codemaster

HP Codemaster Defibrillators are available on LabX through online classified ads or auctions. Look through the ads below and contact the seller directly for details. 

When it comes to treating and transporting patients, the CodeMaster 100 is in a class by itself. It delivers the quick charging, dependable performance and advanced features you expect from an HP defibrillator/monitor - all in a durable, water-resistant unit built to withstand the rigors of emergency use.       

The CodeMaster 100 is a versatile defibrillator/monitor for BLS- and ALS-trained personnel alike. BLS responders will appreciate its true 1-2-3 operation, intelligent battery support system, easy-to-use pads for hands-free defibrillation and optional shock advisory -- which signals whether a rhythm is shockable or not and guides users through the process.       

ALS responders will value the HP Codemaster 100's advanced manual defibrillation, integrated pulse oximetry, non-invasive pacing, synchronized cardioversion and other advanced features that put them in complete control.       

Best of all, 12-Lead ECG, predictive instruments and interpretation are all available on the HP CodeMaster 100 - to speed diagnosis of acute cardiac ischemia and other cardiac arrhythmias, and reduce time to treatment.

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