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Intellicyt iQue Screener & iQue Screener HD

Intellicyt iQue Screener & iQue Screener HD

IntelliCyt’s iQue® Screener and iQue Screener HD for 1536-well microplates provide the only true screening platform for screening suspension cells, beads, microbes and mixtures. High Throughput Flow for phenotypic screening, antibody discovery and in vitro toxicity testing is now a reality.   
Based on Flow…Built for Screening: The iQue Screener transforms flow cytometry detection into a true screening platform by eliminating the manual nature and "expert-required" aspects of this method. Automated processing and analysis of plates in minutes.   
Better Data than Plate Readers: The iQue Screener generates multiplexed data — up to six measurements per object — allowing complex biologies to be monitored with up to 60,000 data points generated per second.   
A High Content Complement to Imaging: Suspended objects are difficult to measure with imaging. The iQue Screener is optimized to sample suspended objects, at sampling rates (10,000 objects/second) that far exceed imaging methods. Every phenotypic screening lab should have both in their toolbox!

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