Jasco Fluorescence Detector

The JASCO Model FP-2020 Intelligent Fluorescence Detector is recognized as the industry's most sensitive detector with a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 350:1 for the Raman water peak. The FP-2020 covers a wide wavelength range both for excitation and emission from 220 to 700 nm (~ 900 nm with an optional PMT) with proven stability. Versatile time-programming capabilities are provided for wavelength, response, gain, spectral scan, etc., permitting highly selective detection of various compounds. A rapid scan feature allows on-the-flow spectral acquisition for both emission and excitation spectra without interrupting the chromatographic elution. A specially designed chemiluminescence attachment and capillary electrophoresis cell are optionally available.

The FP-2020 can easily be interfaced with the JASCO HPLC system using the EZChrom Elite™ Software. The EZChrom Elite software offers full automation of the JASCO HPLC system including the FP-2020.

Jasco Fluorescence Detectors offer efficiency and effectiveness with a highly sensitive detector. Find online auctions and classified ads for Jasco Fluorescence Detectors on LabX.

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