JASCO LC-2000Plus Series

Jasco HPLC

The LC-2000Plus Series is JASCO's latest development in High Performance Liquid Chromatography, meeting the key requirements of today's analytical laboratory.  
This stand-alone system includes a pump, degasser, manual injector and UV/Vis detector. The PU-2080 pump offers a variable flow rate and memory capacity to store up to 10 files of 64-step programs. The UV- 2070/2075 UV/Vis detector provides extremely high sensitivity, spectral scanning and wavelength time-programming. The system can be easily upgraded to full automation as well as elution mode for gradient operations.  
The PU-2080’s integrated time programming controls a two-pump binary gradient. By using the JASCO chromatography data system, up to a 3-pump ternary gradient is possible. The MX-2080-32 is a high pressure dynamic mixer, capable of mixing up to 3 solvents under high pressure. By changing the chamber capacity, the instrument can be used in various applications from semi-micro HPLC with a volume down to 20 µL to semi-preparative HPLC.  
The LG-2080-04 low-pressure gradient unit is designed to be used with the PU-2080, enabling up to a 4-solvent quaternary gradient. The PU-2089 is a compact HPLC Quaternary low pressure gradient pump designed to meet the rigorous requirements of a wide range of research and routine gradient applications. Built-in low-pressure proportioning valve and degasser enable the highest flexibility in solvent choices and excellent gradient solvent delivery.  
This system enables on-line pre-treatment of samples such as deproteinization, pre-concentration, and impurity removal. The system is ideal for automated drug analysis in biosamples. The pre-treatment column selectively elutes and disposes of proteins and other macromolecules while low molecular weight compounds such as drugs are trapped (red flow line). By switching the column switching valve, the trapped compounds are introduced into a separation column and separated in low-pressure gradient mode (blue flow line). The target drug compounds eluted are detected by a UV detector or a mass spectrometer with high sensitivity and selectivity.  
JASCO HPLC components can be interfaced with most commercial MS systems. Direct control is available with Analyst® and Xcalibur™ software packages.

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