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New and used JEOL JSM-7100F's for sale on LabX. Purchase and get quotes on the products you need for your lab. Choose from a variety of vendors.

Observation of nano-structures The unique high power optics of JSM-7100F guarantees 1.2nm resolution. High magnification for the study of nanostructures is easily obtained.       

Stable high precision analysis The in-lens thermal FEG produces a stable large probe current. You can obtain high-quality observation and analysis results. The emitter is guaranteed for 3 years.     

Magnetic specimens The objective lens of the JSM-7100F does not form a magnetic field around a specimen. Magnetic specimens can be observed and analyzed without restriction.       

Analysis of nanostructures A small probe diameter is obtained with the patented aperture angle optimizing lens. You can acquire high precision analyses and high-quality elemental maps in a short time by using a large probe current.       

Clean vacuum    A specimen is introduced through the specimen exchange airlock chamber. The specimen chamber is always kept in clean high vacuum. The unique one action specimen exchange mechanism lets you insert and remove a specimen with simple operation. The specimen chamber is pumped with a TMP.       

In-lens thermal FEG  The patented in-lens thermal FEG is efficient and produces a maximum probe current of 200nA.        

Aperture angle optimizing lens The patented aperture angle optimizing lens automatically optimizes the aperture angle of the objective lens to form a small electron probe diameter at large probe currents.       

Observation A variety of images, such as secondary electron images, backscattered electron images, and STEM images, are obtained. The stable thermal field emission electron source ensures research with high-quality images.       

Analysis  Elemental analyses with EDS and WDS and EBSD analysis are carried out efficiently. High precision analysis can be obtained with a stable electron probe.