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Kinematica Generator

Kinematica Generator

Homogenizer machines from KINEMATICA are manufactured with a wide choice of dispersing generators (rotor/stator) for the use in laboratories. Find homogenizers for sale and auction today on LabX. 

With the new designed POLYTRON® System PT 10-35 GT KINEMATICA presents now the successor of the famous POLYTRON® System PT 10-35 (also known as POLYTRON® System PT-K).     

The new PT 10-35 GT is designed with many new features: a more powerful motor, an integrated speed controller, a directly readable speed scale, a new quick coupling, a noise reducing slim-line housing, a new standard stand and much more.     

As the long-famous system PT 10-35 the new system PT 10-35 GT creates the new standard for lab homogenizing and mixing tasks and applications with volumes between 0.1 and 10’000 ml. Therewith the new PT 10-35 GT counts within the KINEMATICA lab homogenizer line as the new standard model in the medium benchtop homogenizer range.