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Kinematica Polytron PT 1300

Kinematica Polytron PT 1300

The POLYTRON PT 1300 D handheld homogenizer is equipped with a 100 W powered drive system and control unit which is supplied with 24 V safety current by the power and supply unit.     

The intelligent electronical control system proofs steadily the given speed at the drive system and informs about discrepancy by changing viscosity.  

Depending on the chosen dispersing aggregate and the material to be processed - infinitely variable speeds between approx. 7000 and 30000 rpm can easily and exactly be adjusted and can be read-out from the digital display.     

Thanks to the digital display, it is finally possible to work under reproducible conditions with a handheld unit. Additionally a specific speed for the application can be memorized and recalled with a finger tip (MEMO function).     

A unique quick coupling allows chaning of the dispersing aggregates even with one hand without further tools.

Kinematica Polytron Homogenizers are versatile units that combine quality, convenience and high performance for rapid, reproducible sample processing. Find homogenizers for sale and auction at LabX.