The sturdy, powerful and versatile POLYTRON PT 2100 counts within the POLYTRON benchtop homogenizer systems for the laboratory range "small" (0.1 - 2000 ml) as the "STANDARD LINE" equipment of high quality.    A unique non corrosive quick coupling allows the changing of dispersing aggregates even with one hand.

Kinematica Polytron PT MR 2100

Powerful and efficient
The dispersing system POLYTRON® PT 2100 convinces with
the following features:

  • 500 Watt motor power (230V/115V)
  • rotor speed range from 11 000 up to 30 000 rpm
  • integrated electronic speed regulation/stabilisation
    with control knob and speed scale
  • soft-start and thermal overload fuse
  • non corrosive quick coupling
  • 7 interchangeable dispersing aggregates in EC design two different stands
  • large collection of dispersing vessels and
  • CE label, SEV approved
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