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Lab Cages

Lab Cages

  • The Clinipath Environmental cage system gives a more controlled environment for the product and technicians. 
  • The Cages or Cabinet has adjustable Temperature, Humidity, De-Humidity and ACH (Air Changes per Hour) 
  • No condensation with constant temperature and humidity at cage or cabinet level. 
  • All odours and airborne contaminants can be exhausted through a thimble system, creating a cleaner working environment. 
  • Suitable for more accurate studies. 
  • Digitally controlled. 
  • HEPA filtered on both system and cage level. 
  • Can be used for mixed species. 
  • ACH settings- 40-70 ACH 
  • Ideal for Allergy Studies, Spontaneous infections, Experimental infections and Genetic contamination. 
  • The Micro Ventilated Cage System (Environmental Type) can be placed anywhere in your facility, you are no longer restricted to animal rooms. It can be placed in Laboratory or used in a quarantine system. 
  • Animals which can be protected with this system are:- Animals in long term studies, Transgenic Animals, SCID-mice, Nude mice and rats, Valuable inbred strains, High quality SPF animals and Immunodeficient animals. 
  • Data Logging of temperature, humidity and ACH. 
  • Cost efficient expansion of animal facility. 

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Shel-Lab 5215 Air-Jacketed CO2 Incubator
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Lab Products Cage Card Holder 3" x 5" Cage Card HolderClear plastic
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