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Lab Water Purification

Lab Water Purification

[b]Available in Asia Only[/b]                    The Cascada AN-water System provides ultrapure water for optimal chromatographic results and longer column life by incorporating full spectrum UV photo-oxidation technology for oxidation of organic contaminants at 185 nm and radiation at 254 nm, which breaks down DNA, thereby killing bacteria. The ultra-microfiltration filter removes colloids and bacteria. The purified water has extremely low levels for inorganic and organic contaminants for the most demanding high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), ion chromatography, solid phase extraction, and other UV spectrometry applications.          18.2 (M-cm) ultrapure water for critical laboratory applications:          [list]          [*] Ultra-trace and trace inorganic and organic analysis          [*] HPLC          [*] GC-MS          [*] ICP-MS          [*] CF-AAS          [*] TOC analysis          [*] Ion chromatography          [*] Solid phase extraction          [*] Electrochemistry          [/list]

Lab Water Purification is designed for your most critical biological and analytical laboratory techniques and guarantees water purity. Find online auctions and classified ads for scientific equipment on LabX.

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