The LabSystems Multiskan features: Proven Optical System Guarantees Accurate and Reliable Results, Exceptional Flexibility through Choice of Options, Selection of Up to 8 Different Filters and Optics for Visible or UV Visible Area. Find online auctions and classified ads for LabSystems Multiskan plate readers on LabX. Find your ad below and contact the seller directly or request a quote.   

LabSystems Multiskan

The Multiskan EX comes with flexible internal software. This reader is fast and accurate, reading the whole plate in only 5 seconds. 

The optical system of the Multiskan EX meets the requirements of current EIA technology, offering a linear measurement range up to 3.5 absorbance units. Up to eight filters can be installed in the Multiskan eight-position filter wheel. Maintenance needs are minimal as a result of optimal instrument construction.           

The versatile onboard software of Multiskan EX allows end point and kinetic reading modes. Flexible cut-off calculations and curve fit algorithms give Multiskan EX increased flexibility for data manipulation in various diagnostic applications. The extended memory holds up to 64 assay protocols.