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Leica DM IRB

The Leica DM IRB is an advanced inverted research microscope known for its exceptional optical performance. With a range of objective lenses offering magnifications up to 100x, the DM IRB provides detailed imaging and analysis of biological samples at the cellular and subcellular levels. Equipped with fluorescence capabilities, including a range of filter sets and fluorescence illumination sources, the microscope enables precise and sensitive detection of fluorescently labeled molecules within specimens. The microscope features a motorized stage with precise XYZ control, allowing for automated scanning and imaging of multiple regions of interest within large or complex samples. Integrated with advanced image analysis software, the DM IRB enables quantification of various parameters such as cell morphology, fluorescence intensity, and spatial distribution, facilitating quantitative research and data interpretation. With environmental control options such as temperature and carbon dioxide regulation, the microscope supports live cell imaging experiments, allowing researchers to observe dynamic cellular processes over time. The Leica DM IRB is a versatile tool for biological research laboratories, offering high-resolution imaging, fluorescence capabilities, motorized stage control, image analysis software, and live cell imaging capabilities for precise and quantifiable analysis of biological specimens.

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