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Leica DM IRB

Leica DM IRB

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The modular Leica DM IRB is an Inverted Research Microscope for unlimited life science applications with effective contrasting methods such as Brightfield, Phase-, Darkfield-, Polarization-, Modulation Contrast, DIC and optimized Fluorescence without pixel shift. It is configured to suit requirements for every imaginable application.Objectives:8/-1A N PLAN 5x/0.128/-/? C PLAN 10x/0.22 LMC8/0-2 N PLAN L 20X/0.40 CORR LMC8/0-2 N PLAN L 40X/0.55 CORR LMC8/0.1-1.3 PL FLUOTAR L63/0.70 CORR LMCEyepiece:HC PLAN S 10x/22 M.

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