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LJL Biosystems Analyst AD 96.384

The LJL Biosystems Analyst AD 96.384 is an advanced microplate reader tailored for high-throughput analysis. The Analyst AD 96.384 can accommodate 96 and 384-well plates. This high plate capacity enables efficient processing of large sample volumes, enhancing laboratory throughput. Equipped with versatile detection modes, including absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence, the Analyst AD 96.384 offers flexibility to perform a wide range of assays for various research and diagnostic applications. With high sensitivity and a broad dynamic range, this microplate reader ensures accurate detection and quantification of analytes across a wide concentration range, from low to high concentrations. The Analyst AD 96.384 features rapid read times and efficient data acquisition, enabling quick analysis of large datasets and reducing assay turnaround times. The microplate reader is equipped with an intuitive software interface for easy setup, data acquisition, and analysis. This user-friendly interface streamlines workflow processes and enhances productivity in the laboratory. The Analyst AD 96.384 is compatible with robotic automation systems, allowing seamless integration into automated workflows for high-throughput screening and drug discovery applications. Overall, the LJL Biosystems Analyst AD 96.384 offers high-throughput capabilities, sensitive detection, and versatile assay options, making it an ideal solution for laboratories conducting large-scale screening and research studies in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

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