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Market Forge STM-E

The Market Forge Sterilmatic STME autoclave is a full size autoclave, roomy and spacious with many features.

  • 220V/60Hz, fixed temperature without stand.
  • This instrument contains a 16" dia. x 26" deep chamber made of clad aluminum, exhaust speed dial with fast (1 minute for instruments and glassware) and slow (10 minutes for liquids) settings and a 0 - 60-minute timer. The Sterilamatic will heat up to a temperature of 121 C (250 F). 
  • The exterior is made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning and sanitation. 
  • This unit preheats quickly, reaching sterilizing temperature in 8 to 10 minutes from cold start, 3 to 7 minutes in continued use. It will automatically maintain set temperature with a release pressure and shut off power supply at end of cycle. 
  • All controls are mounted on the front of the apparatus for ease of use. Furthermore the doors lock automatically and cannot be opened until pressure is exhausted.
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