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Memmert Climate Chamber

Memmert Climate Chamber

Stability testing (according to ICH Q1A) in the pharmaceutical industry, long-term storage, growing plants, conditioning and climate testing of plastic material/metal/composite material, storage of electronic components/lacquers/ coatings in controlled environment.

They are simply unbeatable in energy efficiency. Furthermore, as constant climate chambers HPP have a very long, maintenance free service life, they are perfectly suited for stability tests, storage in controlled environment and conditioning. The high precision temperature control from 0 °C to +70 °C as well as active humidification and dehumidification from 10 % to 90 % rh were particularly adapted to the ICH guidelines, option Q1A, for stability tests.

Are you looking for a stability chamber for environmental simulation, material testing and stability testing which is quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly and at the same time extremely economical? Then choose the innovative Peltier technology in the HPP constant climate chamber for stable and precise long-term tests. The temperature control from +0 ºC to +70 ºC, as well as the active humidification and dehumidification from 10% to 90% rh, are optimally tuned to the requirements of stability analysis.

  • Temperature range up to +70 °C
  • 6 model sizes (108 to 1360 litres volume)
  • 1 model variant: TwinDISPLAY
  • digitally controlled active humidification and dehumidification up to 90%
  • double doors as standard: prevention of contamination and drops or rises in temperature, and at the same time an optimal view of the sensitive load through wide-area interior glass doors

Our constant climate chamber is tailored to environmental simulation, material testing and stability testing in accordance with the ICH guidelines.

Memmert climate chambers to test the effects of a specified environment on biological items as well as industrial products and materials. Online auctions and classified ads for Memmert Climate Chambers at LabX.