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Metrohm Compact IC

Metrohm Compact IC

Metrohm’s 850 Professional IC technology is now made available in the new generation of compact IC instruments. The 881 Compact IC pro and the 882 Compact IC plus are ideal for users in all fields with clearly defined analytical requirements. These instruments ensure the rapid and safe determination of anions, cations and polar substances in the parts per billion (ppt) to the percent (%) range. The MagIC NetTM chromatography software controls all system components and monitors all parameters that are relevant to the chromatographic analysis. 

The compact systems features space-saving footprint & compact design, excellent price-performance ratio and comply with all GLP and FDA requirements. While 881 compact IC pro features column heater, eluent and sample degasser as standard, the 882 Compact IC Plus has plenty of sensitivity for routine water analysis in the parts per billion (ppb) range. Depending on your needs several versions of 881 and 882 are available. The table below lists the features of different versions of 881 & 882. 

Compact 883 basic IC has the best price/performance ratio. Excellent for teaching and routine monitoring. The system comes with MagIC Net Basic software and MSM chemical suppressor.

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