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METTLER TOLEDO S47 SevenMulti dual meter / pH conductivity

SevenMulti™ S47 - dual meter pH / conductivity

Reproducible results

Automatic, manual or timed endpoint formats with 3 selectable stability criteria allow rapid and accurate measurement value determinations with reproducible results.

  • Linear & non-linear temperature correction
  • Selectable reference temperature (20°C or 25°C) 
  • Procedure for automatic a -coefficient determination 

Professional calibration

  • User-definable buffers and standards including their temperature dependence
  • Up to 5 calibration points with linear or segmented algorithms
  • Multipoint conductivity calibration
  • Automatic buffer recognition within the 8 predefined pH buffer groups
  • Automatic standard recognition of the 5 predefined conductivity standards
  • Entry and display of cell constant [/list]

Electrode test

An integrated pH electrode test checks the slope, offset, drift and response time of your electrodes without changing your current calibration. Complying with USP/EP standards SevenMulti™ provides a special mode for measuring conductivity according to USP and EP (United States / European Pharmacopeia) methods.

Inclusive in every SevenMulti™:

The Seven electrode stand provides even more convenience and efficiency. The user-friendly LabX direct pH PC software archives your results quickly and securely.

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