The InMotion Karl Fischer Autosampler provides precise and efficient Karl Fischer measurement performance. With a variety of innovative features and accessories, you can improve workflow efficiency and user safety.  With improved productivity and an ergonomic space-saving design, it is the perfect instrument to have in the lab, in every industry.

METTLER TOLEDO InMotion KF Oven Autosampler

The InMotion Flex and the InMotion Pro KF Oven AutoSamplers have been designed with intelligence in mind to bring precise and efficient Karl Fischer titrations to every laboratory. With versatile new features and two different models, there is a solution for every lab's need.

The InMotion Flex and Pro KF Oven Autosamplers are ideal upgrades to the Stromboli, a sample changer with an integrated drying oven for automatic Karl Fischer titration. The InMotion KF devices set new standards for accuracy, speed, and performance with features such as status lights, wider ranges of sample configurations and capacities, temperature scan and gas flow control, and multiple customization options. The InMotion KF Oven Autosampler is compatible with the V30S Volumetric and the C30S Coulometric Compact KF Titrators, as well as the T7 and T9 Excellence Titrators.

InMotion KF Flex includes:
One-piece Screw Cap; Space-saving Design; Digital Gas Flow Control; Status Lights.

InMotion KF Pro includes:
Temperature Scan and Ramp; Unattended Solvent Exchange within Series; Fully Flexible Method Functionality; Platform Optimization

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