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Micromeritics Multivolume Pycnometer 1305

For Rapid volume measurement of dry powders and solids. uses sample sizes from 150 to 0.5 cm³ with ± 0.1 to 0.2% volume accuracy over the entire measurement range. The MultiVolume Pycnometer is widely used in to determine density measurements for metal oxides, refractories, carbon black, activated charcoal, amorphous silica, metal powders, ceramics, graphites, cokes, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, pigments, and many other materials. It measures a very wide range of sample volumes, from 0.5 to 150 cm3. Absolute density can then be calculated with an assured accuracy of ± 0.1 to 0.2% The chamber containing the sample is first pressurized with a gas, preferably helium. Subsequent expansion of this gas into a precisely measured volume results in a pressure drop. The sample volume and density are then easily calculated from the two pressure readings as displayed on the digital indicator.
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