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Micromeritics TriStar II 3020

Micromeritics TriStar II 3020

The Tristar II 3020 provides high-quality surface area and porosity measurements on solid materials by using the technique of gas adsorption. The TriStar II is a fully automated, three-station analyzer capable of increasing the speed and efficiency of quality control analyses, with the accuracy, resolution, and data reduction to meet most research requirements. This easy-to-operate, tabletop instrument is designed to analyze up to three samples simultaneously for optimum throughput. Its speed and accuracy make it an ideal instrument for a wide variety of applications that include pharmaceuticals, catalysts, carbon, cosmetics, paints, pigments, geoscience, fuel cells, high-tech ceramics and much more. The instrument features a krypton option, allowing measurements in the very low surface area range. The instrument also combines versatility in analysis methods and data reduction to allow the user to optimize analyses to specific applications. For applications that fall under FDA’s 21CFR11 rule, the TriStar's confirm™ software option provides the security features and audit trails required by this regulation.

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0640B ANALYZER - Micromeritics Tristar
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Micromeritics Tristar Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer (#2957)
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