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MilliporeSigma Direct-Q 3

MilliporeSigma Direct-Q 3

The Direct-Q 3 systems are designed for simple and intuitive operation. Water quality parameters (resistivity or conductivity, temperature) are clearly indicated on a bright color display. The Direct-Q 3 systems allow delivery of a fixed volume of Type I water and automatically shut off once the selected volume has been delivered.

The Type 1 product water is suitable for most low-volume laboratory applications, including the preparation of buffers for liquid chromatography separations and biochemical experiments, of solutions for analytical techniques such as spectrophotometry and spectroscopy, and of culture media.

For applications requiring very low organic contaminant levels, the
Direct-Q 3 UV system also incorporates a dual wavelength UV lamp to produce water with <5 ppb TOC, making it suitable for HPLC, GC, ILC and TOC analyses.

With the BioPak cartridge as a final filter, Direct-Q 3 systems produce pyrogen-free, RNase-free water for cell culture and molecular biology applications.

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