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Milton Roy Spectronic 501/601

Milton Roy Spectronic 501/601

The Milton Roy 501/601 Spectrophotometer is a simple instrument designed for quick and easy absorbency or transmittance measurements at single wavelengths. The 501 has a range of 325 to 999nm, while the 601 includes the UV range, (195-999nm), with the addition of a Deuterium lamp. These units come with a variety of options such as a heated or cooled sample holder, a recorder output, and an RS232 output. The units are designed for single wavelength measurements but a scanning program could be written via the RS232 communications port. All necessary information is given in the operator’s manual in section 9. Though the instrument could not be very accurate between wavelengths far apart, it could be effective for short scans.      Operation is very basic. Enter the desired wavelength, zero the blank and read the sample. Results can be printed out to a printer but it needs to accept serial data and at the set parameters of the unit.

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Milton Roy Spectronic 601 Spectrophotometer

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