Mini-100 Orbital-Genie with a 11.4”x11.4” (290x290mm) non-slip, rubber-coated platform with spill-proof edges is ideal for gentle shaking applications, with no additional accessories necessary. Variable shaking speed up to 100RPM.

Mini-100 Orbital-Genie

Speed Control 
Variable shaking speed. 
Customizable Mixing Action 
Create any mixing action from a smooth vortex to sloshing aeration or anything in between. 
Heavy Duty Base 
Combination of weight and specially designed feet prevent walking even at highest speed. 
Increased Capacity 
Optional stacking tray increases capacity. 
Holds Odd Shaped Containers 
Ideal for gentle shaking of odd shaped vessels and containers. 
No Additional Holders or Accessories Necessary 
Shaker is ready to use as supplied. 
Unique Platform 
Non-slip platform tray features edges that contain any spills.
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