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Misonix Sonicator

Misonix Sonicator

PULSAR™ Cycle Timer - permits the application of ultrasonic energy to the sample on a pulsed basis. Energy is automatically set for one pulse per second. Pulse width adjusts smoothly from 0.05 of a second (5% duty) to 0.95 of a second (95% duty) every second. This intermittent operation permits high intensity sonication while avoiding heat build-up in the processed solution. It also allows material being processed to settle back under the tip.  
OVERLOAD INDICATOR - under certain extraordinary conditions, the amount of power supplied to the convertor/horn assembly might endanger the circuitry of the generator to the point of failure. In order to prevent unnecessary downtime, an overload protection feature has been built into the generator. When the output power exceeds design specifications, the overload light will illuminate and the output will be disabled.

Manufacturer of Sonicator ultrasonic liquid processors, Misonix is a world leader in ultrasonic medical devices. Find Misonix Sonicator for sale through online auctions and classified ads on LabX today!

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