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Molecular Devices Flexstation II

The Molecular Devices FlexStation II is an advanced multi-mode microplate reader designed for versatile and high-throughput biochemical and cellular assays. The FlexStation II offers fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, and absorbance detection modes, allowing researchers to perform a wide range of assays, including calcium flux, enzyme kinetics, and cell viability assays. With its ability to process up to 384-well microplates, the FlexStation II enables rapid and efficient screening of large compound libraries or experimental samples, significantly increasing throughput and productivity. Equipped with a temperature control system, the FlexStation II ensures stable and precise temperature regulation during experiments, ranging from ambient to physiological conditions, facilitating accurate and reproducible results for temperature-sensitive assays. The instrument offers rapid data acquisition capabilities, with the ability to capture kinetic data points at intervals as short as milliseconds, enabling real-time monitoring of fast cellular responses or enzymatic reactions. Featuring an optional integrated liquid handling module, the FlexStation II allows for automated compound addition and assay setup, minimizing manual pipetting errors and streamlining experimental workflows. The instrument is equipped with intuitive software that provides customizable assay protocols, real-time data visualization, and automated data analysis tools, enabling researchers to efficiently collect and analyze data for rapid decision-making. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including drug discovery, cell-based assays, and biochemical screening, the FlexStation II accommodates diverse research needs in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic laboratories. The Molecular Devices FlexStation II is an indispensable tool for researchers seeking to perform precise, high-throughput, and multiplexed assays for drug discovery, molecular biology, and cell biology applications.