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Molecular Devices VersaMax

Tunability Equals Flexibility         

No filters are needed for the VersaMax™ microplate reader. The reader uses a grating monochromator to select the exact wavelength you need for every assay. With a wavelength range from 340 to 850 nm, it's like having 510 filters free.         

Exceptional Performance          

The VersaMax reader uses the best plate for your assay. The narrowly focused light beam and optical design give you the same high performance with round bottom, flat bottom, or half area well plates. The dual-wavelength readings report the actual absorbance at each wavelength, so you can analyze the data the way you want. The reader also provides controlled temperatures, up to 45 °C, for kinetics at ambient and elevated temperatures.         


With the VersaMax microplate reader, you will never have to buy another filter. SoftMax® Pro, the industry-leading microplate reader software, is included at no additional charge. And the VERSAmax reader is robotics-compatible.

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