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Motorized XY Stage

Motorized XY Stage

Shop LabX for new and used microscope stages. Find a variety of motorized XY and linear stages and choose form a variety of vendors. Get pricing today on the ads that suit below.

  • Fits Zeiss Axio Observer; models available for Nikon Ti and Leica DMi6 
  • Travels 250 mm X by 110 mm Y 
  • Accepts 160 x 110 and 283 x 110 stage inserts 
  • Encoder resolution of 22 nm with standard leadscrew 
  • Typical repeatability < 700 nm RMS 
  • Use with linear encoders for repeatability < 300 nm RMS 
  • Operates with common imaging software packages

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DCI HM1818 Motorized XY Stage with 18x18 XYTravel (643)
Price: $3,450.00

Condition: Not Specified

ETEL XY stage with Linear Motors 370mm x 360mm travel (2344)
Price: $8,500.00

Condition: Not Specified