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New Brunswick Scientific Innova 3100

New Brunswick Scientific Innova 3100

The New Brunswick Scientific Innova 3100 high-temperature water bath shaker offers superior temperature control and uniformity. Find online auctions and classified ads for New Brunswick Scientific products at LabX.  

The Innova 3100 Water Bath Shaker provides precise temperature control. This automated water bath shaker is ideal for culturing a wide range of cell types at temperatures up to 80 ºC. Dependable operation is due in large part to the New Brunswick triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive. Larger-capacity than many water bath shakers, the Innova 3100 easily accommodates tubes and flasks up to 2 Liters. A temperature range of 5 °C above ambient to 80 °C provides for a wide range of laboratory work, using molecular and cell biology protocols. Elevated temperatures are attained with the aid of an optional gable cover and with a bath liquid with a high boiling point to minimize evaporation.

  • Large-capacity orbital shakers with microprocessor control of speed and temperature
  • One-piece seamless bath of heavy gauge stainless steel with rounded corners for ease of cleaning
  • Full and half-size accessory platforms are available
  • Optional cooling assembly for below ambient operation
  • Adjustable water-level control automatically replenishes evaporated water. Has drain, water-in and overflow lines
  • Shaking speeds between 25 ?–? 400 rpm (±1 rpm) provides versatility for culturing a wide range of cell types.
  • Temperature precisely controlled within ±0.1 °C in 30 ?–? 40 °C range
  • Triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive in cast iron housing with 9 permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • Easy-to-use membrane keypad with LED display
  • Acceleration circuit builds up speed slowly avoiding sudden stop/starts and unwanted splashing