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Nikon SMZ-2B

The Nikon SMZ-2 is a compact stereo microscope ideal for inspection, assembly, and measurement thanks to its high-resolution optics. It can be used for failure analysis, defining modes of failure, and verifying solutions, as well as surface examination, crack detection, and corrosion studies. The manufacturer also says that it's suited to examining composite materials, textiles, and more. Its zoom ratio is 5:1, zooming range is 0.8-4x, and its total magnification with a standard set is 4.8-120x (8-40X). Additionally, its working distance is 77.5mm.

The SMZ-2 is equipped with a binocular optical head of compact design. The stereo viewing is facilitated by a horizontally installed zooming ring (rotation angle 90°), and the eyepiece inclination is at 45° for comfortable usage. The microscope employs a Greenough-type stereo optical system.

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