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Novex Electrophoresis

Novex Electrophoresis

The XCell line of mini-cells has always distinguished itself by being simple, sturdy, and convenient. With the introduction of the new XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell, the tradition continues. The incorporation of a gel tension wedge in place of the rear wedge used on earlier models makes the XCell SureLock™ the easiest-to-use mini-cell available.

Easily Adapted for Blotting
The XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell can be easily adapted for blotting by inserting the current XCell II™ Blot Module in place of the gel/buffer core assembly.

Upgrade the XCell II™ Mini-Cell
Conversion of an XCell II™ into an XCell SureLock™ is easy with the purchase of a SureLock™ Retrofit Kit (EI0020) consisting of a SureLock™ mini-cell, gel tension wedge, and molded mini-gel buffer dam.

How the System Works
Pre-cast gels and buffer core are placed into the mini-cell lower buffer chamber. Pushing the lever on the gel tension wedge forward into the locked position generates an even horizontal force which seals the gel/buffer core assembly firmly into position in the lower buffer chamber (Figure 1). The positive locking action of the gel tension wedge ensures a trouble-free, leak-free gel run every time.
  • Easy set-up–there are no awkward clamps or screws to struggle with
  • Leak-free electrophoresis–gels are positively locked in place
  • Trouble-free runs–”incomplete runs” are eliminated, ensuring reproducible results
  • One unit that meets all your electrophoresis needs–easily adapted for use with any Novex® pre-cast gel or for any blotting procedure

Novex Electrophoresis chamber systems are simple ways to separate proteins prior to downstream detection or analysis. Find online auctions and classified ads for Novex Electrophoresis products on LabX.

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