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Nucleocounter NC-200

Nucleocounter NC-200

Nucleocounter NC-200 is a high quality cell counter that can be found today on LabX. Find your ad below and contact the seller directly. 

Automated cell counting for mammalian and insect cells. Excellent even for clumpy cells!

The NC-200 is the newest automated cell counting device that offers truly objective readings for both insect and mammalian cells. In one step the NC-200 can provide Total count, Viability, Cell Diameter and % of cells in clumps.    

Easiest cell count ever   
Viability and cell count has never been easier or more precise. The NucleoCounter® NC-200™ is a giant step forward for automated cell counting. No need to add buffers or dyes. No need to calibrate. Just prepare your cell suspension, load it into the disposable Via1-Cassette™ place the cassette in the slot and press run!   

The Nucleocounter NC-200 is a compact instrument which fits perfectly in any mammalian cell laboratory performing ie: research, quality control or monitoring of production.  

The NucleoCounter NC-200 is an integrated fluorescence microscope with dual fluorescence channels disgned to detect signals from cells stained with acridine orange and/orDAPI.   

Easy to Use Software
The NucleoCounter® NC-200™ comes with a superior software package. The user input of optional dilution of a sample is directly accounted for in the software. The protocols can be adapted by the user to accommodate cell lines that are out of the ordinary.   

  • Export of data to e.g. Excel   
  • Browse data from prior samples   
  • Easy selection of protocols   
  • PlotManager for user adaptation   
  • Visual inspection of counted cells   
  • Fast selection of favorite protocols