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Optical Table

Optical Table

The ST Series SmartTable incorporates Newport’s patent pending intelligent Q (IQ) damping Technology to actively monitor, report, and adjust table-damping performance over a wide frequency band. This provides a dramatically quieter table surface, resulting in high quality imaging, improved long term stability, faster settling times and the ability to make measurements that previously required the quietest lab environments. SmartTable also allows users to monitor tabletop vibrations through built in vibration sensors that provide real time feedback on the vibration state of the table. 

Optical Tables are platforms used to support optics experiments in a laboratory setting. Find online auctions and classified ads for optical tables and breadboards on LabX.

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ThorLabs 8'X4' Optical Table PTQ11109

Price: $5,995.00

Condition: Used

American Optical AO Cat. 1076 10X NA 25

Price: $49.00

Condition: Used