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Oxford NMR

The MQA7005 has been replaced with the MQC Benchtop Analyzer   
The MQA7005 is a bench top Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Analyser that combines field proven hardware with new technology to give unsurpassed analytical performance.    
The new MQA7005 pulsed NMR analyzer gives high-precision results for a variety of sample types in a matter of seconds. Launched initially for oil and moisture determination in oilseeds, the instrument can also be used for the measurement of oil/fat in a wide range of materials.    
The sample is pulsed with a radio-frequency (RF) signal within a static magnetic field. This pulsed energy creates a signal from the sample that is recorded and analysed. The signal produced is characteristic of solid and liquid constituents of the sample. These constituents can be discriminated, which allows accurate analysis of their concentration to be calculated.
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