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Partec CyFlow

Partec CyFlow

Ultracompact High-End Multilaser Benchtop Flow Cytometry System for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting. The CyFlow® ML allows to analyze two different forward scatter signals and one side scatter in combination with up to 13 fluorescence channels. The CyFlow® space features forward scatter, side scatter and up to 7 fluorescence channels and can be equipped with the CyFlow® Sorter for diamond piezo based, closed, non-destructive and non-hazardous cell and particle sorting delivering highest purity.

Progress in component development and the availability of powerful and robust solid state lasers allowed to design a uniquely high performing ultracompact flow cytometer. The CyFlow® ML | CyFlow® space instrument can perform in the widest variety of measurements. Realtime data acquisition and data analysis as well as realtime data display is performed by using FloMax®, the Windows™ based FCM software. The CyFlow® ML | CyFlow® space allows to perform true volumetric absolute counting. For different excitation wavelengths various diode, solid state or Nd:YAG-lasers can be used in 5 laser configurations.

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