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Partec CyFlow SL

Partec CyFlow SL

Portable Flow Cytometer for applications in cell and particle analysis as well as absolute counting. With the CyFlow® SL, analysis employing 5 optical parameters and 3 colours is available - by featuring an instrument size of 43x16x37cm, only: Forward Scatter (FSC), Side Scatter (SSC) in combination with 3 flourescence channels (FL1-FL3). The CyFlow® SL can be operated by 12 V DC (e.g. car battery or solar panels) for use in the field.

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In September 2013, the Sysmex Corporation acquired flow cytometry pioneers Partec GMBH. New model instruments are branded Sysmex CyFlow® while the old model pre-owned products may be found under the old Partec brand.